ok, so everyone is talking about how kris stew cheated on rob patt, AND I HATE IT!!!!! ITS SUCH A LIE!! THE PAPARAZZI MAKE UP ANY STORY SO THEY CAN GET MONEY!!!!!!! they say that kristen cheated on rob with the SWATH director Rupert Sanders, but sanders' wife confirmed that that was her in the pic o

Tumblr m7qwyexCPG1ryfrb6o1 500

LOOK AT THIS!!!! isnt it wierd how kristen cheated on rob and lost an ear in the process?!!?!

f him kissing k stew. if u dont believe me, look at this picture that proves its photoshopped... the paparazzi is just too cruel, im done with any of the magezines. kristen said she loved rob (twice) and that shes so sorry and that she never meant to hurt or embaress anyone! but she didnt even cheat! i woudnt be surprised if the pappo wrote that too!!!!!
072512 kstewstatement

she doesn't even need to be! the paparazzi is lying and noone knows what to do anymore!!!!!

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