Nora cullen

aka Team Edward, Team Ben, Team Finnick

  • I live in Isle Esme, national academy of dance, hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry
  • My occupation is being a full-time twihard, loving ben tickle, an arouror (dark wizard catcher)
  • I am a veggie vampire, a dancer, a wizard
  • Nora cullen

    ok, so everyone is talking about how kris stew cheated on rob patt, AND I HATE IT!!!!! ITS SUCH A LIE!! THE PAPARAZZI MAKE UP ANY STORY SO THEY CAN GET MONEY!!!!!!! they say that kristen cheated on rob with the SWATH director Rupert Sanders, but sanders' wife confirmed that that was her in the pic o

    f him kissing k stew. if u dont believe me, look at this picture that proves its photoshopped... the paparazzi is just too cruel, im done with any of the magezines. kristen said she loved rob (twice) and that shes so sorry and that she never meant to hurt or embaress anyone! but she didnt even cheat! i woudnt be surprised if the pappo wrote that too!!!!!

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  • Nora cullen

    im a team edward kinda gal, and thats on my page cuz i followed the instructions one of the twilight wiki user gave me. but im also team seth, team alice, emmett, ect. But the instructions aren't working for them! PLZ PLZ PLZ will somebody help me with my team templating!!!!!!

    your fellow twilight wiki contributer,

    Nora Cullen

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  • Nora cullen

    edward is awesome, and everybody always disses him!

    1. He never lies and is he does it's to protect you

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