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June 2, 2012
  • Ninishe

    A lot of people are saying Bill Condon, Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Rosenberg messed up the film with the Alice's vision of Aro's demise if he went on with the battle in Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Truth is, IT'S IN THE BOOK.  Does Bella have visions? Does she read minds? No.  The book is in Bella's perspective, so Bella doesn't see the vision.  Edward reads minds, so he sees the vision in the book.  And for proof, Stephenie Meyer wrote a blog on her website, stating that the moment's in the book, and that it doesn't have a crappy ending.  Read the last paragraph on page 684 or 735 in Breaking Dawn.

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  • Ninishe

    I was on a website named Wambie the other day, (link is here) and I found a funny video.  It was a parody of Breaking Dawn - Part 1, and it had some of my favourite music in there, such as Lady Gaga, Pitbull, and a weird song   You're Having My Baby!  So, I decided to post them here (they'll be up on my profile page too!):

    That's Twilight.  Going on to New Moon:


    Breaking Dawn - Part 1:

    And finally, Breaking Dawn - Part 2:

    Hope you enjoy the videos!!!!!

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  • Ninishe

    The Host

    March 26, 2013 by Ninishe

    So, on Friday, The Host will be in cinemas.  I'm psyched!  I love the blurb at the back of my Twilight book, and I'm just waiting on my Host book!   And I like one of the songs for the soundtracks, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. It's in the trailer of The Host, and I'm addicted to it!!!  Here you can see the song, see the lyrics, and a biography about Imagine Dragons.  

    Blog by VampiresAndWerewolfsareAwesomeAsHell23.

    Biography on Saoirse Ronan (from Co. Carlow!) is here.

    Biography on Max Irons (his father was Macon from Beautiful Creatures!) is here.

    Biography on Jake Abel (he was Luke from Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief!) is here.

    And finally, a trailer of the Host, scheduled for 29 March 2013. .


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  • Ninishe

    Quiz Time! 4

    March 12, 2013 by Ninishe

    Sorry, I'm busy, so I only have two rounds today.  

    Round 1

    Question 1: What colour is Edward's car?

    Question 2: Who can see the strength of the relationshios between people? (You had to have read the books to know this.)

    Question 3: Jasper's human life ended during which war?

    Round 2

    Question 1: What does the Biology teacher tell the students not to drink on their field trip?

    Question 2: What type of food do Jacob and Bella eat while fixing the motorcycles?

    Question 3: Who is the first to realize that a stranger has been in Bella's house?

    So sorry, but there will only be a quiz with three rounds every two days.  I'll try and do one daily, but I've got a lot of studying and homework and schoolwork and project work, and you probably get the point.

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  • Ninishe

    Quiz Time! 3

    March 10, 2013 by Ninishe

    I live in Ireland, and so the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 DVD was obviously going to be delayed in shops.  It finally came out on Friday, but I got it yesterday with my cousin and my aunt.  I had to race there ASAP, just before closing time. Anyway, here's my daily quiz (sorry it's been a bit late).

    Round 1

    Question 1: In what year did Edward become a vampire?

    Question 2: What does Laurent say is the reason he cannot keep himself from killing Bella?

    Question 3: At the graduation party, Alice says that the newborn army will arrive in how many days?

    Round 2

    Question 1: Who utters the line, Just keeping it real, son.

    Question 2: What does Emmett give Bella for her birthday?

    Question 3: Whom do the Cullens offer a safe haven if she stops fighting?

    Round 3


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