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Vandalism and my ex

Ninishe February 7, 2014 User blog:Ninishe

So earlier today my ex told me to go online to my wiki account, and I found all this vandalism and cruel messages to MinorStoop that were NOT done by me, indeed it was my jealous ex. So I've left a message on MinorStoop's talkpage regarding this, I haven't got a message back, I just hope he/she believes me... I've been off this wiki for months... also the page Venom was deleted earlier today... my brother and I share a laptop and my ex and him are best friends, they go online a lot together so I probably hadn't logged out for months.. I'm going to talk to my parents about this and see what they'll do... I'm also going to be online a lot more now so I guess I'll try and improve my destroyed reputation (or not... don't even know if I even have a reputation here!) so you'll see a lot more from me... This blog is 100% sincere and I also offer an apology to MinorStoop, for all the trouble my not logging out and my jealous ex has caused... So I offer a sincere apology, one I mean with all my heart and so... Bye.

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