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Ninishe June 2, 2012 User blog:Ninishe

Hello! This is my blog. Write comments on pet names for couples, send new information on anything you wish! TO GET STARTED HERE ARE SOME PET NAMES:

Carlisle and Esme: Esmisle

Edward and Bella: Edella

Jasper and Alice: Jalice

Rosalie and Emmett: Rosette

Jacob and Renesmee: Jacsmee

Charles and Makenna: Charenna

Afton and Chelsea: Afsea

Aro and Sulpicia: Aricia

Caius and Athenodora: Caiunodora

Some names here are not names that some people like. Can some Twilighters please help me to find proper pet names for couples in the saga! Especially Afsea, Aricia and Caiunodora!

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