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Ninishe January 31, 2014 User blog:Ninishe

I'd like to express my opinions here. That's what a wiki is for, right?

I was reading a book, one about writing, and in it was a quote said by none other than Stephenie Meyer. It went along the lines of: 'In college, my friends said they wanted to be writers when they grew up. I scoffed. Who can presume you can write a novel?'

Excuse me? was what I said. If you write, you're a writer. Simple as. Just because you're published, doesn't make you any higher than anyone else who writes and isn't published. She also said something about you can't make a living out of writing. Well, duh! Of course you can! J.K. Rowling was a billionaire, until she lost that status giving so much of her money to charity. I say good on her! Even though it isn't a discussion on how much money writers make, let's move on with things.

So someone leaks a rough, messy draft of Midnight Sun. And? So she puts Midnight Sun on hold indefinitely. Excuse me? was what I said again. You write The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner; obviously you can write Midnight Sun! All you have to do is go by Edward's POV of Twilight, basically. No changes to the plot. Simple as. But of course, on her website, it says that if she wrote Midnight Sun now, she'd feel that James' coven will win, and all the Cullens die. I thought this was basically Twilight in the male protagonist's version? Excuses, excuses. None of the Cullens die in Twilight, so why should they in Midnight Sun?!

I like Meyer's plot, storyline and characters. The only problem with the whole series is Meyer's poor writing. She can't even portray Bella properly; she puts Bella in her place as an ugly, clumsy, fickle girl who needs a man to get her through with things. This lacks feminism! Totally sexist. She uses big words that nobody knows what they mean to make you feel smart after you've read the book.

The ending of Breaking Dawn? Rubbish.

I like Twilight, I just don't like the author very much.

And if I get hate, not opinions in the comments, I'll block commenting and report. Then leave a message on my talk page.

I'll delete the messages anyway.

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