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Quiz Time! 4

Ninishe March 12, 2013 User blog:Ninishe

Sorry, I'm busy, so I only have two rounds today.  

Round 1

Question 1: What colour is Edward's car?

Question 2: Who can see the strength of the relationshios between people? (You had to have read the books to know this.)

Question 3: Jasper's human life ended during which war?

Round 2

Question 1: What does the Biology teacher tell the students not to drink on their field trip?

Question 2: What type of food do Jacob and Bella eat while fixing the motorcycles?

Question 3: Who is the first to realize that a stranger has been in Bella's house?

So sorry, but there will only be a quiz with three rounds every two days.  I'll try and do one daily, but I've got a lot of studying and homework and schoolwork and project work, and you probably get the point.

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