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Quiz Time! 3

Ninishe March 10, 2013 User blog:Ninishe

I live in Ireland, and so the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 DVD was obviously going to be delayed in shops.  It finally came out on Friday, but I got it yesterday with my cousin and my aunt.  I had to race there ASAP, just before closing time. Anyway, here's my daily quiz (sorry it's been a bit late).

Round 1

Question 1: In what year did Edward become a vampire?

Question 2: What does Laurent say is the reason he cannot keep himself from killing Bella?

Question 3: At the graduation party, Alice says that the newborn army will arrive in how many days?

Round 2

Question 1: Who utters the line, Just keeping it real, son.

Question 2: What does Emmett give Bella for her birthday?

Question 3: Whom do the Cullens offer a safe haven if she stops fighting?

Round 3

Question 1: What is Jacob's last name?

Question 2: Who does Laurent say won't be happy with him for killing Bella?

Question 3: What colour is Bella's graduation gown?

Don't forget to comment your answers below!

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