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Quiz Time!

Ninishe March 9, 2013 User blog:Ninishe

I said I was going to do quizzes once a week, but now I'll try and do one daily.

Round 1

Question 1: What is Tyler's last name?

Question 2: What does Jessica say the homeboy with the motorcycle should have been?

Question 3: Who is Leah Clearwater's father?

Round 2

Question 1: What role does Esme give Bella during the baseball game?

Question 2: Who instructs Jared and Embry to take Bella to Emily's house?

Question 3: How long have Riley's parents been searching for him?

Round 3

Question 1: Whom does Bella accompany to Port Angeles?

Question 2: Who picked out the necklace that Rosalie gives Bella?

Question 3: What does Bella use to distract Victoria and Riley from killing Edward?

Round 4

Question 1: What is Alice's and Emmett's last name?

Question 2: What country is Edward in when he speaks to Jacob on the phone?

Quesion 3: Who said, Trying to walk and chew gum at the same time again Bella??

Round 5

Question 1: On her first day at school, who walks Bella to Biology class?

Question 2: Where does Bella hang the dreamcatcher that Jacob made her?

Question 3: What roadside attraction does Renée suggest she and Bella visit in order to buy a t-shirt that she can add to Bella's quilt?

Congratulations if you got them all right!  It only takes me five minutes to do, so I'll post them daily.

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