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Ninishe March 8, 2013 User blog:Ninishe

I have a set of Twilight Quiz cards at home and decided to hold a quiz each week.  There will be five rounds each with three questions of the film.  The first question in each round is of Twilight; the second question New Moon; and the third question Eclipse.  I will be posting a quiz every Friday or Saturday.  Here is the quiz:

Round 1

Question 1: When Edward is describing to Bella what it's like when vampires taste human blood, he says what sort of what begins?

Question 2: Who told Edward why Alice had returned to Forks?

Question 3: What is Rosalie's reason for envying Bella?

Round 2

Question 1: Who refers to Bella as a shiny new toy?

Question 2: Which two friends of jacob stop by his garage to check out Bella and the bikes?

Question 3: Who was Sam's girlfriend before he became imprinted on Emily?

Round 3

Question 1: On her first day at school, who kisses Bella on the cheek?

Question 2: What two things does Jacob tell Bella he has that makes him older than her?

Question 3: Who in the wolf pack does Jacob describe as one of the youngest we've had?

Round 4

Question 1: During the baseball game, which two Cullens are not wearing baseball caps?

Question 2: Where did Bella get the motorcycles that she and Jacob fix?

Question 3: How old was Seth when he became part of the pack?

Round 5

Question 1: After Biology class, Bella asks Edward if he got what?

Question 2: How does Jacob first describe the motorcycles Bella wants him to fix?

Quesion 3: Beside Leah, who else became part of the pack about the same time as Harry's death?

That was just an example of one of the quizzes I will be posting in the future.  Comment your answers below and if you get the answers all right!  Also comment below if you think I should continue quizzes in the future.

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