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Problems 4

Ninishe June 20, 2013 User blog:Ninishe

I actually took a break from the Twilight Wiki to focus on school and my social life.  Now I'm back to loving Twilight!

But I have problems.

I got into the Viber groups.  The boy I like is in them.  Everything's okay.

But it's not.

I'm kind of popular.  I have more friends than a lot of people in my grade.  And a lot of boys have developed a crush on me, it's easy to tell.  Even the boy I used to like likes me now!

It's the end of the year tomorrow, but I'm not happy for some reason.  I've realised the boy I like is a player; and it's really gotten to me.  Well, he likes me.  But is he really worth my time?  I know not to take him flirting with other girls seriously; and I'm the type for boys to look at me with anxiety.

And he's extreme, a daredevil.  I like badboys.  But what would he look for in me?  And I'm flirting with boys in front of him to make him jealous.  Sometimes it's like he doesn't care.  Maybe he doesn't, or trying to make himself go undiscovered because his friends might make fun of him for liking me.  

What should I do?  Is it just a silly crush that will pass with time?  I feel I'll really miss him over the holidays, and I feel he'll miss me too.

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