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Problems 3

Ninishe May 16, 2013 User blog:Ninishe

Note:  Thanks for the help, Luna Cain7, EdwardJacobBella, TRFQueen, Almiralovestwilight, TwilightReaderFan and a wikia contributor for all your advice, support and devotion towards me into getting onto the right track.

Yes.  My blog is called Problems 3.  But it's actually almost decision time.

Right.  Where do I start again .....?  Oh yes. 

I recently found out the leader of a Viber group was a snobby bitch (nice-snobby-bitch) who hangs out with a lot of snobby bitches.  And I found out that the leader of the Viber group was upset that the boy I like was in the group, because there was only a limited space for people to join the group.  Which is totally unfair.  I'll have to write to Viber..... but anyway, I talked to one of my friends to try and let the leader to let me join the Viber group.  So when, during PE, I was next to the leader and asked, 'can I be on the group in Viber?'

She goes 'You'll have to give me your number.'

But my friend was listening to our conversation, and has a little word with the leader.  

The leader says: 'I don't think I have enough room for you.  I'll have to start up another group,' like a professional, and turns her back on me. 

So, that was grand anyway, until a lot of Vibers say they're quitting Viber.  But a lot of them say they're giving me a space once I get my new smartphone.

So am I right to be paranoid?  To actually believe them, or to do the right thing and tell on them?  To actually let the teacher know, and then no one will be my friend and I'd ruin their fun and ruin their social media?  Or do I try?  To try and reconcile our friendships, but lose the one I already have?  This is maybe my last blog, but that is if I have your support, advice and devotion maybe one last time in helping me?  Thank you trillions.

P.S.   Can I have your opinion?  Would you like it if I say, 

It's funny how you're nice to my face.

It's hilarious that you talk shit behind my back.

And it's downright comical that you thing I'm unaware.     ?

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