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Problems 2

Ninishe May 14, 2013 User blog:Ninishe

Note:  Thanks for the few people who posted messages for my blog Problems, I really appreciate them.

I have more problems.

Today in school, during lunch in the cafeteria, me and a few of my other friends were playing a game until my enemy came over (you'll have to read my blog Problems to understand this).  They were talking about something in a large group, with her getting all the attention.  As I tried to see what they were talking about, this other boy who I don't like but sometimes hurts my feelings (I don't often take things personally) says 'It's personal.  Knowing him, it was a joke (or so I thought), and playfully pushed him saying I've noticed it's personal.  He was playfully joking, and he said: You're not in the group!' and I was like am in the group!' but then he was like: Viberrrrr!  Duh!' 

I only knew what Viber was after someone told me, and it was free texts and calls.

After school was over, and he was walking with his friends (my friends, we're kind of mutual) I said: I'm telling the principal on you.'  (I know it sounds babyish, but that really threatens people.)  He turned around and looked at me, with his bottom jaw almost on the floor.  My friends turned around and looked at me as if I was crazy, and he was like, why?!?!' like a total idiot.  I said because he hurt my feelings, that he blocked me from Facebook and that he insulted me by saying that I wasn't in the 'Viber group.'  I didn't even know about Viber, and all of my other friends did, and none of them told me. 

So we all met up about an hour ago, and they (including the snob; I actually like her, it's just...something) promised me that they'd set me up.  So here I am, with a crappy phone, slow computer and a good tablet and Viber won't work on it.  I'm feeling left out, and so is my other best friend, because we're not in that group, up there like that people, not up there with the latest social media.

So please, help me.  It's not about popularity, I just want more friends.  Please help.

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