There's a girl in my class who likes a boy I like.  She just suddenly came out of her shell this year, but that's alright.  But she's...over confident.  She's always flirting with the boy I like!  I think he likes her, and I can't even get him to talk to me!  It makes matters worse when my friend likes him too, and I like somebody else too!  She's always putting her back to me when we're talking in groups, so I can't talk to anyone in that group.  She's become such a snob.  I can't stand her anymore.  I get on with boys more than girls, because hardly any of them can actually play sports apart from me, my friend, and the snob!  I've looked up How To Deal With Your Arch Enemy on wikiHow, but I'd like more direct answers.  If you have any ideas to help me, it'd help me and my friend too, and we'd be ever so grateful!  Thanks a million.

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