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Midnight Sun - Meyer's View On Things

Ninishe February 22, 2014 User blog:Ninishe

So, as you have all heard SMeyer has Midnight Sun on hold indefinitely. Acting like a big baby, boohoo, I don't want to write my story any more because it got leaked; so that's how the story goes.

So on her website (in which she hasn't posted in AGES, believe me) she claims that writing isn't like math; obviously that's (amazingly) one thing she's correct on. But writing a novella in the other protagonist's POV; it SHOULD be like math. Because, if you write something, it's going to stay that way, unless it isn't published. You can't change those kind of facts if you were to write a sequel, and in this case, it's the same book in another character's point of view. It SHOULDN'T change. It doesn't NEED to be changed, but this is SMeyer we're talking about here, and she is going to let us down no matter what. There probably isn't going to be a spin-off series or (definitely isn't going to be a Midnight Sun) anything like that, so I suggest we stop praising this author and praise the books instead. Unbelievably short post, I know, but I recommend to stop. Just stop liking this author for her books, and don't like her at all, because she's going to let us down every time she promises something, and that's a fact, not an opinion. So get over yourselves, and SMeyer: do something great for a change...

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