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Niki1964 November 26, 2010 User blog:Niki1964

I love being Team Edward.Jacob's cute but edward has that it factor.If there was any such thing as a vampire i would wan to be one.Most girls i no are Team Jacob's and it bothers I mean Edaward is obviously the best i no im obsessed and im glad to be I love Twilight.Iv'e never read the books before but when my friend started talking about it I had to see it for myself iv'e never seen one the saga's in the movie but im oing to make sure i see breaking dawn.When I saw twilight on youtube i was in love it a romance and supernatural kind of like the sho The vampire diaries which is good as well.I love twilight for my birthday iwant to meet robert and i want everything twilight.Thats how much i love him so much can some one please tell me when he will come to virgina mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhh i want to see rob.Cant wait to see eclipse even though its already out i would like to get the dvd for my birth day Well ttyl.Ps.Team Edward

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