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Ngebendi October 8, 2010 User blog:Ngebendi
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Some recent activity on categories made me feel that there's little or no consensus on them; it has not agreed upon which ones should be included directly on each page, which ones should be included higher up because they are implied in the lower-order ones. The main example I can bring is the categorization of shapeshifters - in the past week, there's been much adding and much deleting of the "shapeshifter", "male" and "Quileute" categories to the single shapeshifters' page. A number of people feel they should be explicitly added to the pages, a number of other people think (I among them) that the "Sam Uley's pack" or "Jacob Black's pack" categories are enough to indicate their species, gender and ethnicity - the only two exceptions, namely Leah Clearwater and Embry Call are too well publicized to ignore and are therefore perhaps the only ones allowed to get more explicit categorization.

I would therefore like to see if we can reach some consensus on how categorize the pages of the wiki and implement the result, rather than to have a number of people editing and counterediting a page because they haven't managed to reach a common ground.

Anybody willing to share their opinion, indicate which categories they find strong, which they find weak, tell what category pyramid they woul like to see on the wiki and so on?

Thanks! Ngebendi 11:20, October 8, 2010 (UTC)

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