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The Philippines

I Visited The Philippines last Year, With My Grandparents Margaux And John. I Found Out That The Philippines Is A Truly Wonderful Country. There's So Much To See, So Much Too Do That You'll Never Be Bored At All. I Also Found Out That The Philippines Has So SOO SOOO SOO SOOO Many Twiliovers, Twifans, Twihards, TwiPeoples Twi Everything. I Met my Cousin, Jhulls, A Filipina And She Has The Complete Twilight Collection And She Is A Lot Like Me. Her Arrival Gift Was A "Plus Que Ma Propre Vie" Locket. I Was So Thrilled To Have It. So, In Turn I Gave Her 1 Out Of My 6 Quielette Promise Bracelets  Used In The Film.

Summary: Philippines Is AWESOME

Oh And My Cousin Lives With Me Now

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