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My Problem

Okay where was i---- oh yeah

You see, i have a friend. Her name is Chelsea. She is like a twihard---uber twihard---more than uber i guess.

One time, i brought my apple (twilight) keychain in school. Chelsea happen to love it so much. During Schooltime i can't concentrate because she keeps staring at me, watching my moves and everything. Breaktime came and I went to the Cafeteria to get lunch. When I came back my keychain was gone. Iwas so shocked because it was a gift-a limited edition gift that only happens in one lifetime-i started searching for it, but i can't find it. French class started and i still havent found it. Only then did i notice the sparkling red apple keychain on Chelsea's bag. I excused myself and Chelsea. Once we were out i confronted her. She told me that she just can't help herself and told me that she will never do it again. I gave her another chance. After a few weeks she did it again. She keeps repeating it. One time she even stole my bracelet that has charms that says the title of the book. I started not to bring those but she stole my notebook this time, saying it reminds her of twilight.

What should I do?

Should I stay Away?

This would be a great help

thank you

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