Just Joined A Book Writing Competition. The Concept Should Be A "Gut Wrenchingly Heartbreaking One Of A Kind Make Readers Cry Their Hearts Out Book"

Two Books. Only One

Help Me Choose

Book 1:The Battle

Book 2: The forgotten

In Book 1, Its Gut Wrenching And Fits The Main Theme Of The Competition. Its About A Girl Who Finds Out She Has Cancer. Now With Omly A Few Months To Live She Has To Live The Rest Of Her Life With The People She Loves. And At The Same Time Try To Survive The Obstacles Of Having Cancer

In Book 2, It Wrenches Guts, But Doesnt Really Make You Cry. In Ten Years, Ten People And Her Boyfriend, Helps  Her Recover Every Single Memory Of Hers, Including The Tragic Accident On Her Birthday. Now She Must Unlock The Truth About Everything She Forgot.

Heres The Taglines

Book 1

A story of how a girl, battled and lost, a disease she never knew she had"

(The Tagline Is Stupid So Please Give Suggestions)

Book 2

10 years, 10 people,1 girl

Help Me Choose Please

What's Your Pick

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