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breaking dawn pt 2 pics

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This is the most imprortant post that i have ever made!!!!! It has to do with the release of 10 new pictures straight from the nest Twilight movie:Breaking dawn part 2. My mom showed me these pictures like 10 days ago but i havent had to the chance to post the pictures. When I saw the pictures i litterally cride and my mom looked at me likei was crazy. And I know that im probably very late but i jus watched to latest breaking dawn trailor for the first time and have watched it atleast 20 times by now and I was so happy that i shpowed my mom like 7 times. By the time part 2 comes out she is going to be so through with it. for anyone who is late like me here is the link to this trailor:

now for those new pictures:

amazon coven talking to renesmee/emmett and bell arm-wrestle
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part 2 jacob
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edward and bella wait for volturi in part 2
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she meets her baby for first time
bella is protective
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Wild child
wild child
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kate holds tanya back-BDprt2 pic 1
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awwwwww-DBprt2 pic 2
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im not bout to get in their way-BD prt 2 pic 3
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he is hotter every movie-BD prt 2 pic 4
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she seems like a great mom-BD prt 2 pic 5
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jacob and nessie hang out on christmas-BD prt 2 pic 6
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bella greets her daughter-BD prt 2 pic 7
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yhe amazons chat with nessie-BD prt 2 pic 8
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jane and alec attack-BD prt 2 pic 9
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carmen and eleazar bout ot kick some butt-BD prt 2 pic 10
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if you want the the link than its:

hoped you liked my post:)

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