Today is one of the best days of the year. It's Kellan Lutz's birthday! He might not be a main character in Twilight but he is my favorite(besides Edward that is). he turned 27 today.
Twilight 392

emmett cullen

He is very extremely supper cute. And Emmett is super hilarous. I could just kiss him. I juat wanted to honor him today on his borthday. And even though I dnt have a twitter i want everyone who does have oneto go on to his page and tell him happy birthday. his twitter name is @kellanlutz make sure u say happy birthday.

i can name atleat 10 reasons why Kellan Lutz is so amazing. In fact here are 1o reasons why:

  1. he is hot
  2. he played a vampire
  3. seems like he would be a sweet and dwon to earth person
  4. plays in a lot of movies were he isnt evewn human
  5. he sparkles in the sun
  6. he was able to pull of playing emmett
  7. he was in twilight(hello that makes him aswome)
  8. he seems like a cool person
  9. emmett was a very funny character
  10. and did i mention that he is hot
    Aed2H TCQAAKJTo.jpg large

    kellan lutz at breaking dawn pt 1 premiere

i think you get my point


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