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  • Mrz.Cullen

    This is the most imprortant post that i have ever made!!!!! It has to do with the release of 10 new pictures straight from the nest Twilight movie:Breaking dawn part 2. My mom showed me these pictures like 10 days ago but i havent had to the chance to post the pictures. When I saw the pictures i litterally cride and my mom looked at me likei was crazy. And I know that im probably very late but i jus watched to latest breaking dawn trailor for the first time and have watched it atleast 20 times by now and I was so happy that i shpowed my mom like 7 times. By the time part 2 comes out she is going to be so through with it. for anyone who is late like me here is the link to this trailor:

    now for those new pi…

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  • Mrz.Cullen

    Today is one of the best days of the year. It's Kellan Lutz's birthday! He might not be a main character in Twilight but he is my favorite(besides Edward that is). he turned 27 today.

    He is very extremely supper cute. And Emmett is super hilarous. I could just kiss him. I juat wanted to honor him today on his borthday. And even though I dnt have a twitter i want everyone who does have oneto go on to his page and tell him happy birthday. his twitter name is @kellanlutz make sure u say happy birthday.

    i can name atleat 10 reasons why Kellan Lutz is so amazing. In fact here are 1o reasons why:

    1. he is hot
    2. he played a vampire
    3. seems like he would be a sweet and dwon to earth person
    4. plays in a lot of movies were he isnt evewn human
    5. he sparkles in the sun …
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  • Mrz.Cullen

    breaking dawn pt 1 dvd

    February 11, 2012 by Mrz.Cullen

    Tonite I am going to the Target at midnight for a special release of Breaking Dawn at mudnight. It starts at midnight and they will be showing special sneak peeks of Breaking Dawn pt 2. It is going to be amazing. Cant wait. Are you going?

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  • Mrz.Cullen

    booboo stewart

    January 22, 2012 by Mrz.Cullen

    Happy birthday Booboo Stewart. Today on 1/21/12 he turned 18, and I figured i would just tell everyone. He is an amazing actor, the best werewolf ever, and super cute. So happy birthday Booboo.


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  • Mrz.Cullen

    elle fanning

    January 21, 2012 by Mrz.Cullen

    Yesterday I went to the movies with my friend to see we brought a zoo. It was pretty good but I was looking to see who was in the cast and I saw Elle Fanning. Dakota Fannings sister was in the movie. She is a great actress.

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