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  • MrsLunchBox

    For me, these are the best scenes of Breaking Dawn - Part 2, i like the battle scene either, but it's quite sad to see the characters dieing I like. 

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  • MrsLunchBox

    Special abilities

    March 17, 2013 by MrsLunchBox

    I know that the Twilightsaga has some awsome abilities, but some of them are so random and to be honest some of us new that they would come. So I decided to search and creat some abilities, which I really like. 

    Best wishes, MrsLunchBox

    So which one would you like to have, or add on this list?

    Ability obtainment is the raw talent to attain the extra abilities of other vampires through physical contact.

    "He/She is able to trap people inside their own minds, a permanent lockage, until he/she frees them".
    -Entry of the gift

    Mental imprisonment is the power to trap an individual within their own mind.

    Like many special talents, the power can only concentrate on one person at a time, allowing others to easily defeat her. This ability is only mind based,…

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  • MrsLunchBox

    I have asked myslef, does Demitri has still some contact to Amun? Do they have still some friendship or is Chelsea's gift so strong that Demitri completely turned his back to him?

    I hope not. What do you think?

    According to the Guid, It sounded like, that Demetri has no real contact or loyalty to Amun anymore, that Chelsea destroyed it.

    I think SM would say that because Amun and Demetri were both human blood drinkers and were not mates, their bond was not strong enough to withstand Chelsea’s gift. I bet that if it were, say, Carlisle and Edward, SM would say their bond because of their vegetarianism is stronger and could not be broken by Cheslea.

    I’m not saying this makes a whole lot of sense, really, or that she backs it up in the text (it se…

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  • MrsLunchBox

    Tanya needs a Book

    October 10, 2012 by MrsLunchBox

    I'm the oppinon that Tanya Denali needs a book aswell.

    'S.M'eyer needs to write a story about Tanya finding true love since she is the Denali Edward equivalent now. I wonder of Tanya or any of the Denalis were ever sad sacks like Edward? I mean they would have a reason to being traditional vampires and having sex with men and then killing them. They actually cared about their human lovers I would assume and that is what drove them to be veggie vamps. Unlike All knowing Edward the vigilante!

    Anyway the whole Denali Circle deserves a book. In contrast to the Cullen Family, they have a common past, which is more exciting, then most other.

    Okay, some pasts are sad and unfortunate as the past of Alice or Rosalie But who must be present at the exec…

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