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  • Mrs.Volterra

    Does any one have a specific character in the Saga who they dont like?

    Mine is Bella

    I will see next week who the most hated character is.

    Write ur comments below!

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  • Mrs.Volterra

    I was wondering... does anybody have a particular character that they just dont like?

    Mine is Bella Swann Cullen. She always has the best guys after her (Edward, Jacob, and Felix) but she tries to break their hearts!

    I will check next week and see who the most disliked charcter is!

    Leave your answer in the Comments below.

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  • Mrs.Volterra

    I just really love both Charlie Bewely and Daniel Cudmore, who play Demetri and Felix, two Volturi Guard members. They are hot, charming, and downwright awesome. Heres a cute picture I saw!

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    May 17, 2011 by Mrs.Volterra

    Hey all! I wanted to recomend something for you guys that I saw in the Hunger Games wikia. It is a website called LUNAII.COM (not in caps)

    I do not own that website or anything, butit is super awesome!

    Mrs.Volterra 18:37, May 17, 2011 (UTC)!

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  • Mrs.Volterra

    Here are some highly recommended fanfics for all you to read!

    • Meraella`s untitled fanfic (on her profile)
    • Vixter`s Getting Over Her (blog)
    • Leah Wallenisky (
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