Read this link to see what I'm talking about :)

So here's a little summary of what you've read....

The article says that Robert Pattinson or "Edward Cullen"  known in the blockbluster franchise, The Twilight Saga, disses his Twilight fans!

In a German interview he did he said these exact words:  "Sometimes I ask myself what does these masses of people do all day. They sit inforn of their computers and comment on anything having even romotely to do with Twilight."

Now, some of our fellow fans are getting offended of this statement said by Rob.

Here's my opinion:

Us fans shouldn't mind these rumours and gossips people are spreading throughout the internet. I say, we should stay faithful to Rob, since that's why we're here. We're his fans (well, maybe not all, because of the Team Edward versus Team Jacob stuff) we should be loyal whatever happens. We've done this loyalty to our idols in voting for them to win awards, but that doesn't stop there.

We all have heard the statement (quite offending) Stephenie Meyer released, but when she said sorry we all embraced her back open-arms. That's what we should do for Rob, forgive him. Also we should also be mindful that he isn't in a good shape since his break up with Kristen (which I hell don't believe AT ALL) so we must be considerate for him. We might also been over taken by our prejudices, we may not know what he was feeling during the interview. He might be joking or making fun of it, because we all know Rob as know... prankster. 

So Twihards who were offended by this news, remember the teaching that our relatives had taught to NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER.

- Mrs.CullenFOREVER <3

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