• Mrjoebobisvoldemort

    All these people are getting so amped up on the BD-2 trailers, but have all of you forgotten that the confrontation was supposed to be peaceful? They twisted everything! Look at these pics:

    And don't forget the trailer.

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  • Mrjoebobisvoldemort

    Help Wanted!

    October 18, 2012 by Mrjoebobisvoldemort

    Hi Twihards! I have a new mission for you! But this is only for the those of you that have read the Kane Chronicles.

    We have fallen from grace at The Kane Chronicles Wiki! Pages are in turmoil, and pages have been vandalized. So your task, heal our wounds, and rebuild our glory. But, you have been warned; any willful damage will lead you to being banned for 365 days. And the *****REWARD***** is one year as a Chat Moderator. So what are you waiting for? Use your venom to stick the pages back to form a wiki!

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