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Hi, I'm Mr.Santana Lopez. I am going to be completley honest here, I HATE Twilight. I am more of a Star Wars person, but I need to understand something. I can see how it appeals girls, it's a love story, cute boys, etc. But for people like me, I don't understand the appeal. I don't understand how a franchise with an insulting female protagonist, uninteresting supporting characters, and herendous dialogue can go so far. The only thing I got of the franchise was the sound mixing, make-up, Alice, Aro, the art direction (for New Moon), and Rosalie's breasts (Alice's are nice too). But I'm not here to insult your beloved franchise, all I need is answer. I want a REAL reason for why this franchise is good. Nothing like "oh because Jacob is hot, and oh I want to marry Edward", no, I won't accept that crap. I want a real answer, please. I'm not here to bash it,, I'm here to appreciate just a little more. Please. Thank you. :)
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