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January 17, 2010
  • Monkey-Girl

    Hey everyone

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  • Monkey-Girl


    February 5, 2010 by Monkey-Girl

    This blog is a dedication to everyone that has to deal with the huge pain of losing a beloved one, and is especially written for and dedicated to my deceased classmate Ryan, and for Pamela, a girl I never knew, but who, from now on, always will stay in my mind. May they rest in peace.

    I can't promise I'll remember everything about you, because sometimes my mind unfortunately lets memory's slip.

    I can't promise I won't move on with my life at some point, though it seems so far away.

    I can't promise I'll never open my heart for anyone else.

    But I'm promising right now, on this very moment, I'll do everyting to remember you as good as I can.

    I promise you'll always have a place in my life.

    I promise, I'll let you stay in my heart until the day I di…

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  • Monkey-Girl

    Don't you have those days, that you wake up and it's like you're floating, the birds are singing, everything's okay.

    There isn't one thing in the whole thing that could go better. And then you slowly start to realize it... There's something going to happen, and it isn't fun.

    I had one of those last Wednesday. Like I said, it was like I was floating, and the birds actually sung. The whole day I was getting good grades. everything was fun, and more of that stuff.

    And then we get Human Minds. I had to do a assignment with a girl that's kinda double (I mean, one day she's an angel, the other she is acting like there's something wrong with you..).

    Apparently, I was bossy and ugly and snobbish and mean and rude and selfish..

    But, the same moment she …

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  • Monkey-Girl

    When Change Comes....

    January 26, 2010 by Monkey-Girl

    I don't like change. Or choices. The second mostly because it usually leads to the first thing.

    I don't like change, because what if the place where you're right now, your world, what if everything is just perfect as it is? If your whole life is perfect in the way it is and things change, thats NOT nice.

    But you know, sometimes, one choice can have an impact on a lot of people. So sometimes I think we all should make a little sacrifice every once in a while: Because what if the change itself just makes your world a little different, but the same thing can be a lifechanging experience to another person. So what if your world isn't perfect? Thats impossible anyway. You think it's perfect, but nothing and nobody is! What if your world mostly st…

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  • Monkey-Girl

    Hey everybody!

    Today I'm talking about some serious things here.

    You know, I love talking on this blog, and the girls I've met on this site are so nice! Much nicer then the most girls in my class, but my mom and teachers always say I'm emotionally much further progressed then the kids in my class.

    That's because I'm born with a Incomplete Cleft Plate. (Just google it, actually it involves born with a huge hole in the back of my mouth, very rude said. At a lot of people you can clearly see it, but not with me) Sounds very scary, but it isn't.

    So all my life people stated I was crazy. You know, they actually thought I had Down-syndrome! Just because they glanced once or two times at me!

    I can take a lot, but stating an impression at first sight ca…

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