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Sometimes you just get unpleasently surprises..

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Don't you have those days, that you wake up and it's like you're floating, the birds are singing, everything's okay.

There isn't one thing in the whole thing that could go better. And then you slowly start to realize it... There's something going to happen, and it isn't fun.

I had one of those last Wednesday. Like I said, it was like I was floating, and the birds actually sung. The whole day I was getting good grades. everything was fun, and more of that stuff.

And then we get Human Minds. I had to do a assignment with a girl that's kinda double (I mean, one day she's an angel, the other she is acting like there's something wrong with you..).

Apparently, I was bossy and ugly and snobbish and mean and rude and selfish..

But, the same moment she said that, I knew she couldn't possibly be right!

Because if you know yourself well, you know what kind of things you've deserved and what not. This was on my What I DON'T deserve-list.

But I thought; a lot of people are getting these kind of arguements every day, and if everybody just believes what someone else's saying about you, you couldn't possibly be confident about yourself!

I mean, you're not always as other people say you are.

My little assignment:

  • Try this for one week: JUST BEFORE you're going to sleep, stand in front of a mirror, and say 10 times: I'm a great person no matter what anyone says!

And then tell me how it went!



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