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Real life. Real fear. Real fight.

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Real life. Everybody has to deal with it.

Doesn´t everybody has those times, that they wish they could just grab for a remote or something and just zap into the place they like?

For me, as a die-hard Twilightfan,it would be anywhere in the Twilight Saga. But, if I would really zap there, I really would´ve to consider the crazy blood-thirsted vampires flying around in every corner of almost every page of the saga.

So, sometimes you just have to face the real, and in my world, that would be going to highschool. Every single day, (beside the weekend, but because I´m reading almost every second in that little spare time, time flies then) you have to go to school.

Actually, I think that the whole Saga kinda refers to high school. Like the covens, they could be compaired with the high school labels that you get on the first day at high school. One important difference: As a vampire you can choose your ´´coven´´.

At high school you get your label. Now I don´t know how old the most bloggers are around here, but I think everybody has a pretty good image of what I mean. And the fear Bella experiences in the Saga for her enemies, can be compaired with the enormous fear that I think we all experienced at our first days at school.

But: Bella fights it. Isn´t that the only thing we should, and can do? In that matter, almost all of us are scared. Don´t be. If, even in a imaginary world, Bella can manage it to do everything in exactly her way, even with all those vampires who desire her death very badly, than I think we all can do it. I don´t mean the vampire-becoming thing. I mean BEAT the fear. We don´t need that enormous amount of muscles and senses. We don´t need peripherial visions, mind readers, and people who can choose our moods. We need to be ourselves. We need, and this might seem odd, but we need fear, so we can make the ultimate decision to fight it, beat it, and than, finally, tired and exhausted, laugh at the fear that, now its beaten, seems so small. We´re all so incredibly strong, but most of us don´t seem to realize it!

With love,


Well, if this blog will be read a lot, maybe I will make a weekly pep-talk blog. Please Vote and Comment.

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