Do you get that sometimes, too?

That you think so much about something that it gives you a headache?

Well, I have that. And it wouldn't suprise me if Bella had it too.

Most of my friends say I shouldn't think so much, because it's stupid to think about things like how the trafficlights work (Now this is a totally random subject!) But then (surprise, surprise!) I started, (obviously) thinking again.

It doesn't mean you're stupid if you think so much. Actually, it's proved that people who think more about things are more intellectual than those who don't do that. So. Here comes my question: Do you think that it is stupid to think more and further about things than absolutely necessary? I don't think so. What I also like, is to imagine things. You know, like the guy you have a crush on loves you. Think about imaginary things. Little movies in your head. And the best part about it: You don't necessarily need to talk about what's happening in your head. My next question: Do you also like to imagine thigs in your head? And do you share it with other people? My answers are : Yes, I do think a lot about unnecessary things and no I don't think it's stupid. I also like to imagine things in my head. So actually, I'm only doing 2 things: Imagining and over-thinking. So. Does anybody ever feels like this? Just comment please, so I won't lose myself in the question wheter I'm crazy or not. (If you could answer that question it would be very nice!) Sorry. I've had a really long day. You now how late it is in my country? (Holland) It's 3:19 pm. If I'm saying it right. Because here we spell it like this: 15:19. So. I say 'so' a lot, don't I?

It's important to learn, do your homework. But knowledge isn't everything. (Never thought I would see myself write that!) You also need your imagination!

My favourite quote comes from Albert Einstein:

Imagination is more important then knowledge.

Knowledge is limited. Imagination is limitless.

Think about that.

See you tomorrow. Another blog will be here bright, shiny and filled with my never-ending thoughts!

With love,



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