Hey Martin, Jess and Luna.

Oh, my God.

I miss you all soo much!

I'd rather write each and everyone of you a personal message, but this stupid nurse only gave me 15 minutes.

I miss you, Martin, and your fascinating questions and answers. I hope to give you a lot of messages soon!

I miss you, Jess, with all your interesting lifestories of your day! I'm waiting for more!!!!

And Bells, I miss you SOOOOO much, with your little stories! (Please give me more, in English. I'm BEGGING you :)).

I miss y'all so much, you became a daily thing in my life.

BTW: In case you didn't know already: I'm in the hospital after an... euhm... how do you say it? Wait a sec.. Appendix thingy. It burst/popped open, and I had surgeries.

Only three more silly days from hell until I can go back home and post y'all so much you become sick of it!

Please.. BEGGING you: PLEASE give me (un)interesting stories (real life or just a funny story you wrote out of the blue ;)). I need distraction. I made all my homework already, out of boredom, and isn't the good side of being sick to not have to make homework? Damn!

(BTW: I miss you and your arguements with Luna too, TLG! And Ha-Za, you don't know me, but I'm COMPLETELY addicted to your stories XD).

Bye, love you!!!



Byebye, the nurse is giving me the angry look, with her face all turning blue... HELP ME!

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