Hey everyone <3!

Don't you just LOVE the weekend? I mean, you can do whatever you want, relax a little bit, maybe make some homework.

Just what I think of it.

Tomorrow I have 2 go to school again; so does everyone else. (Unless someone is in a timedifference; those lucky bastards have an extra day off!!!!)

But; I think I can get started reading Breaking Dawn tomorrow, but I'm not entirely sure. I hope so.. :P

I really don't have a lot to talk about today; maybe because I get inspirations for my blogs from schoolexperiences; I mean, isn't the teenagerbrain fascinating? I mean, we all have our own opinions, and we're all very stubborn.

Wait a second, I'm going to ask my brother (He is 7, haha) what he thinks of me being a teenager.

Well, I'm back.

Wanna know what that little man said?

Well, I'll thank God on my knees if your behaviour is only temporarily! You're so stupid!

I mean, get serious, like 7-year-olds aren't annoying as hell. They always want what they want, and everything and anything else can disappear, but THEY need to get what THEY want.


Sorry. I'm a little tired.

Don't comment if you think I'm acting a little stupid.

See y'all soon!


P.S: Only Jess could react then, since she's so crazy she couldn't possibly think I'm acting stupid right now!!! Haha, just kidding Jess, <3 U!! XOXO!

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