We all are a little bit messy sometimes, aren't we?

I'm really messy, and I'm always forgetting things. It drives my mom crazy. I remember once, a year ago, I locked myself out. I didn't see the problem. I called my mom, and sat and waited in the cafeteria across the street. Now, wanna know what kind of people I saw there? When I started looking, I mean really looking, I realized how much I was sucked up in my own little world, I lost my focus. And there I stood, and I started looking. I saw other people, I saw the pains in their eyes. Worst of all: They were all pretending to be happy. Why put on a mask? I remembered that I thought that. But then I started thinking (Yes, Jess, again!) Why don't put on a mask?

You don't want to share your whole world with someone. From that moment on, I promised myself, I would look around every once in a while, stop at the point where I was at that time. Be grateful to get that far. Because, if you can't see what is happening in the worlds of other people beside yourself, you'll never live in real reality. This time, at the time I stopped to look into other worlds, I was grieving over the earthquake in Haiti. Grieving because so many peoply died, all that people with everyone who has a own, beautiful soul. So, me and my family donated to Haiti. Everyone should do that. It doesn't mean that just we're at a site about a fictional thing, doesn't necessarily mean you don't have to stick to the real.

You wanna know why I was messy? I was so messy and dragged in my own world that I didn't look around. To people other then myself.

But, when my mom came home, I found my keys at home. I also found my focus again, my reason to stick to the real.

Everyone has different reasons to stick to the real. It can be friends, family, other people, or even animals or material things. My personal focus, is, although it might sound selfish, myself. I wanna be good, pure and kindhearted when I am an adult. I wanna help people. That is my focus.

Find your focus. Find your reason to stick to the real. And place it in your comment!

See you tomorrow,

With love, <3,

M-G. (You can call me Mia, by the way.)

Special note for Jess, the sweetest girl I met on this site.

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