Hey everybody!

Today I'm talking about some serious things here.

You know, I love talking on this blog, and the girls I've met on this site are so nice! Much nicer then the most girls in my class, but my mom and teachers always say I'm emotionally much further progressed then the kids in my class.

That's because I'm born with a Incomplete Cleft Plate. (Just google it, actually it involves born with a huge hole in the back of my mouth, very rude said. At a lot of people you can clearly see it, but not with me) Sounds very scary, but it isn't.

So all my life people stated I was crazy. You know, they actually thought I had Down-syndrome! Just because they glanced once or two times at me!

I can take a lot, but stating an impression at first sight can really piss me off. A lot of people just refused to get to know me. So I stopped to let them get to know me. I'm the most silent, quiet teenager of my entire school. A lot of teachers said that. But if the biggest bullies aren't there, I'm a little more open. People are surprised to see I'm *QUOTE* A very nice, funny, girl *QUOTE* \

Now I don't know the size of the risk I'm taking, but since girls like Larissa and Jess are really nice, I thought lets get all the things cleared up. :P

So, today I revealed a little more of myself. Tomorrow will be filled with my crazy spins of thoughts.

See you later!


(It must be stated that the girls I mentioned are a 1000000 times more sweeter then I am XD)

Monkey-Girl 19:25, January 25, 2010 (UTC)

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