Why are mornings so incredibly stupid? Can SOMEONE tell me WHY?

If I would have Alice's super powers, I would've forseen that my teacher is sick, and that I have half the day off. Now I went to school only to bike back in that icy, snowish rain. Believe me, Holland is a thousand times worse than Forks. Because Forks doesn't have so many cars pushed together in every inch of the street. And, believe me, with the speed a car would hit you here, I think I'd rather be bitten by a vampire than hit by a car. And, as a vampire, I could live longer, than if I would get hit by a car. But, than I would start my vampirelife as Bella, she had everything she wanted. But we all will accomplish that one day. I think that everybody has an Edward (lover) and a Jacob (closest friend). But you have to open yourself for it. Let it be.

But, that sounds much easier said than done. Let it be. That can be explained in very various ways. Now what you CAN'T let be is being robbed or something, (of couse not :S)

But if someone approaches you, don't run away immediately just because he is too young, too ugly, too cute, or a little different than you are. Everyone approaches you with a reason, that's what I believe.

Real life is so complicated. I wish I could make a book, and write my own life and my own faith, and that everything would happen exactly that way.

But there are also so many NICE things in this real life, that might also are in the saga, but if we didn't had the real world, but only the saga, than it would'nt be like now: thousands of fansreunite on this site, and talk to each other about their interests! Because if we lived in the saga, than there would'nt be so beatiful stories about it!

Well, I'm done here.

See you later, read my next blog! (Probably online in 24 hours)

With love,


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