• Monkey-Girl

    The ones who say the least, have the most to say.

    The ones who are the most quiet, have the most important things to say.

    The ones that mock, are the most tiny people you can find.

    The ones that like to make a fight, are oh so lonely if it weren't for their followers.

    The ones that are the most afraid, are the ones that have the most guts at the end.

    Because we all have that trait that will lead to surprise.

    Because people think you show them everything.

    But sometimes, if you listen very well, you can hear a lot of things hidden underneath what they say.

    You can hear their feelings.

    The astonishing part.

    The things you don't expect.

    Let's astonish everyone with what we have to say.



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  • Monkey-Girl

    Hey Martin, Jess and Luna.

    Oh, my God.

    I miss you all soo much!

    I'd rather write each and everyone of you a personal message, but this stupid nurse only gave me 15 minutes.

    I miss you, Martin, and your fascinating questions and answers. I hope to give you a lot of messages soon!

    I miss you, Jess, with all your interesting lifestories of your day! I'm waiting for more!!!!

    And Bells, I miss you SOOOOO much, with your little stories! (Please give me more, in English. I'm BEGGING you :)).

    I miss y'all so much, you became a daily thing in my life.

    BTW: In case you didn't know already: I'm in the hospital after an... euhm... how do you say it? Wait a sec.. Appendix thingy. It burst/popped open, and I had surgeries.

    Only three more silly days from hell un…

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  • Monkey-Girl

    Jump into the deep.

    March 4, 2010 by Monkey-Girl

    Hey everyone.

    I started thinking. (Yes, again. I know I'm well known by the fact I think to much about things)

    Like this:

    Three years ago, we had to choose our HS. Everyone was going to school 1. I HATED that school. I RIDICULED it. But on the other hand, I was totally and completely terrified of going to a HS by myself, with no one I knew. But what did I do?

    I went to school 2. On the first day I was completely sick at the thought of entering the classroom, where I thought to see everyone in groups, and I wouldn't have anyone to sit with. But, like with a lot of fears, it turned out to be way less terrifying then I thought. (Or you could just say I completely overreacted, something else I'm very well known for.)

    But: wanna know what happened? (Ma…

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  • Monkey-Girl

    Hey everyone!

    Did you saw the new we are the world already?

    Listen closely to the lyrics.

    Like Love is all we need and we are the world

    Those things are so true.

    Well, set up your hearts everyone help everyone you can!

    Because: There's a choice we're makin

    Start givin.


    Just listen to the song.

    Cuz we, we all over the world, we're the only ones that can make the world better.


    I love y'all,


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  • Monkey-Girl

    Hey everyone

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