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What´s up? Here are the greatest, most breath-taking, moments of the Twilight saga:

'Twilight': 1) Bells and Eddie on the meadow. *sparkle, sparkle* 2) The Spidermonkey scene with Bella´s Lullaby. 3) Bella´s almost-death scene with the flashbacks and R-Pattz singing Let Me Sign.

New Moon: 1) Bella imagining Edward while almost drowning. It went perfectly with Slow Life and created, well, pure perfection. 2) Hearing Damage in the forest. Also a great music-scene combination, beautiful. 3) Bells and Jake almost kissing.

Eclipse: 1) Jake and Bells kissing. Too bad the producers skipped her visions of a life with him. 2) Bella and Edward hugging after the proposal. Goes great with My Love. 3) The stories of Taha Aki and friends. Too bad Jake kept his shirt on.

Breaking Dawn part 1: 1) BRAZIL!! Ever since I first read it, I couldn´t wait for this awesome scene. Loved it! 2) The epic transformation scene. Bella´s lullaby made it perfect, I cried my eyes out and re-watched it too many times. Perfection. 3) Bells waking up, covered in feathers. Turning Page went nicely with that scene.

Breaking Dawn part 2: 1) The beginning, beautiful shots and Bella´s lullaby. 2) Bells going hunting. Wasn´t how I imagined it when I first read it, but lovely anyway. 3) Jake shape-shifting/Bells defeating Emmet in arm wrestling.

Now I´m just waiting for the filmed version of The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner.

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