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    Again, so sorry for bashing your guy, but still: Am I the only one who´s bothered by the fact that Jasper fought for the Confederation in the Civil war? I mean, they did use slavery and all of that. He seemed like a righteous dude at first.  And how could someone with so little miltary experience get such a high grade so fast? Did nobody check the paperwork?

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  • MiriamGotTwiswagger


    April 14, 2013 by MiriamGotTwiswagger

    What´s up? Here are the greatest, most breath-taking, moments of the Twilight saga:

    'Twilight': 1) Bells and Eddie on the meadow. *sparkle, sparkle* 2) The Spidermonkey scene with Bella´s Lullaby. 3) Bella´s almost-death scene with the flashbacks and R-Pattz singing Let Me Sign.

    New Moon: 1) Bella imagining Edward while almost drowning. It went perfectly with Slow Life and created, well, pure perfection. 2) Hearing Damage in the forest. Also a great music-scene combination, beautiful. 3) Bells and Jake almost kissing.

    Eclipse: 1) Jake and Bells kissing. Too bad the producers skipped her visions of a life with him. 2) Bella and Edward hugging after the proposal. Goes great with My Love. 3) The stories of Taha Aki and friends. Too bad Jake kept h…

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