• Mike.arrh

    Basically I agree with the Romanians. Carlisle's coven will never be safe from the Volturi. Anyhow, no one is really safe; that Aro guy is like nuts, and any time you're around him he has about a 50% chance of saying, "You misspelled Carlisle" or something and you're history.

    So what can be done? One good thing would be to catch Jane and Eric away from home. Say when Aro sends them in a month or two to wipe out the Canadian coven for revenge (it's a little too risky to wipe out the Forks group), could Alice foresee it? Carlisle's family could make a little road trip (with Jacob and maybe a few friends) and catch them with just a few other Volturi guards. As long as Bella's around to block their special powers, it wouldn't be that hard to de…

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