she stood in the corner watching her brother stare at the sky. it was only fair that he should be the one to care. he was her angel, her god,the child she worshipped. and what was her daughter but the dark girl who stood in the corner. she watched her brother stand as they wheeled the body out. slowly his eyes met hers. the emotion she saw. sadness. fear. anger.

she stood there blank, feeling nothing. she at least thought she would feel guilt or some sort of emotion. but nothing. slowly her brother turned and began walking.

a dark spread across her lips as she watched him. 'IT'S ONLY FAIR, DEAR BROTHER.'she thought.

slowly she turned and looked back at the charred remains of the house, watxhing the smoke still rise in some places.


she turned around and began walking , slowly slipping her father's lighter back inot her pocket.

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