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May 1, 2011
  • Midnight Sun 1901

    Hey people, I just made a Twilight Youtube video which I would love for people to check out. It only has two views and it would be awesome if you guys could take two seconds out of your time to watch it. Thanks! Here is the link:

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  • Midnight Sun 1901

    I was becoming seemingly frustrated. All I kept seeing was hazy indistinct visions of Edward with a person in various locations. The most puzzling and vision was of him and a person, that much was certain, in a beautiful meadow that Edward usually went to when he wanted to be alone. That meadow meant a lot to him and bringing another person to it would mean that person was important to him too. Whether it was a human or a vampire was imprecise but a vampire was more likely. But which vampire could he possibly take? Not Tanya, he had rejected her advances long ago. Some immense change was entering his life and nothing could modify the path that was destined for him. Then the vision became clear as certain decisions were made final, I gasped…

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