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    I´m really sorry if I took so long to post this!

    I´ve been depressed and busy these past few weeks!!

    But I´m back!!

    Well, before you read it, there´re some things I need to say!

    This fanfiction will be narrated by two characters: Sara and Alessa

    ( I´m planning on writing something from other ( SM ) characters point of view, but I haven´t decided it yet! )

    So I´ll always write who´s narrating near the chapter´s name...^^


    Chapter 1 - Alessa - Volterra

    I was excited. I tried to control myself but it was completely useless, I couldn’t keep the same position for more than two minutes and I could see that the taxi driver was a somehow scared of me. His eyes were half on me and half on the road and I could feel that he was accelerating every t…

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  • Meraella

    My fanfiction!

    April 30, 2011 by Meraella

    Before you guys read my fanfiction I have some words to say!

    -I want to thank Mrs.Volterra! For encouraging me to write this fanfiction and this blog post!

    -English is not my first language! So please, remember that while reading, ok? Feel free to correct me, help me, but remember: I´m not very patient with rude comments.

    -Yeah, I still haven´t decided my fanfiction´s name, so it will be simply called "Fanfic" untill I find a good name...^^

    That´s all!! Enjoy xD

    Preface ( just like Twilight..^^ )

    I am nothing but a tool, a very powerful one, but still, just a tool, just like them. He´s kind because he wants me to like them, he acts like he loves me because he knows my feelings and knows that I would never leave if loves me back. And he´s right. A…

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