Omg I just watched Breaking Dawn p. 2 with one of my friends and it was the most fantastic, epic, amazing and best movie I've ever seen! It was the perfect ending to the most perfect movie in the world! I loved every single part of the it!

Especially Alice's vision of the battle if Aro had chosen to fight + the ending scene where Bella allows Edward to read her mind and we see a flashback + when Jacob took off his clothes in front of Charlie and changed into a Wolf <3 At first I hadn't realised that it was a flashback and when they started fighting I was like "OMG they're actually fighting! It's not included in the booooook! Ahhh people are dying! Ahhh Carlisle dieeeees! I can't take the epicness!" and then after Aro was killed we find out that it was Alice's vision of what would happen if Aro desided to fight which he after having seen his future wisely decided not to do. (attack) the producers got me and I loved it! ;)

I loved to see how all the evil people died and especially Jane and Marcus. Jane because she was really scared and that she deserved it. And Marcus because he didn't want to live and was finaly dead.

I loved the "new" vampires and to see how Bella's, Kate's and Alec's "attack" look like! I also had looked forward to see how Zafrina and Benjamin was like and I wasn't disappointed at all! And wow! Stefan and Vladimir really suprised me positively! They're actually pretty cool and I now understand how Laurent was attracted to them (not physically lol) because they're really facinating.

But I missed some things, but they don't matter so much. I missed to see more of Siobhan + Amun and his wife didn't leave after having witnessed + Kachiri and Renata weren't in the movie + we didn't see the Volturi wives' faces + I'm pretty sure it was only Bryce Dallas Howard who got creditted as Victoria? I think Rachelle Lefevre ( <3 ) really deserved to be creditted too.

Anyway, even though the few flaws (which all movies have!) this sure is the best movie I've ever seen and it was better than expected, and my expectations were really high! <3


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