hey! today i watched BD in the movies and it was EPIC! i like the fact that they have sticked close to the book (which i think lacked a bit in NM). I really loved the wedding scene, honney-moon scene, birth scene and the after-birth scene, and especially when Bella opens her (vampire) eyes at the end. and i loooooved the fight scene! :D so epic! but i would have looooved to see the Fido-scene from the book, and the scene where Jacob drives away to get away from everything aswell :P and what about the volturi? WHAT has happened to Caius? xD omg! and wasn't the volturi supposed to be in a scene in part 1 with the secretary/ies? hmm.... and of course the thing i missed most that wasn't in BD: VICTORIA! :* R.I.P. (yeah i know she isn't real!) overall I LOVED THE MOVIE - the best movie of the year! i think they've done an incredible great job with this movie and it has defiantly suprised me very positively :D i would recommend you guys to GO AND WATCH IT now if you havent already! =:D CAN'T FOR PART 2! PARTY HARDEEEEEY! -peace out-

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