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  • Memedi

    Omg I just watched Breaking Dawn p. 2 with one of my friends and it was the most fantastic, epic, amazing and best movie I've ever seen! It was the perfect ending to the most perfect movie in the world! I loved every single part of the it!

    Especially Alice's vision of the battle if Aro had chosen to fight + the ending scene where Bella allows Edward to read her mind and we see a flashback + when Jacob took off his clothes in front of Charlie and changed into a Wolf

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  • Memedi


    hey! today i watched BD in the movies and it was EPIC! i like the fact that they have sticked close to the book (which i think lacked a bit in NM). I really loved the wedding scene, honney-moon scene, birth scene and the after-birth scene, and especially when Bella opens her (vampire) eyes at the end. and i loooooved the fight scene! :D so epic! but i would have looooved to see the Fido-scene from the book, and the scene where Jacob drives away to get away from everything aswell :P and what about the volturi? WHAT has happened to Caius? xD omg! and wasn't the volturi supposed to be in a scene in part 1 with the secretary/ies? hmm.... and of course the thing i missed most that wasn't in BD: VICTORIA! :* R.I.P. (yeah i know …

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  • Memedi

    Love is in the air

    August 13, 2011 by Memedi

    Today's 13th of August.... Edward Cullen & Bella Swan's wedding day!

    So if you didn't know that before, you know now. IMO; quite a big day for us Twi-hards.

    xxPeace Outxx

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  • Memedi


    I can't bear it..... i'm so disappointed.... I'm not gonna watch the trailer before time is up..... you should do the same.

    SM has told you fans before about how much she hates leaking. She's right. Good night my fellows....

    Enjoy the Trailer from MTV-movie awards..... never ever ever enjoy any Twilight trailer from somewhere else as long as it's ilegal....

    Peace out. Memedi 19:54, June 5, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Memedi


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