My Eclipse Movie Review=====

Here's what l thought of ECLIPSE:'

'1) "does he own a shirt?"'Best part of the movie. And falling in 2nd place Charlie trying to give Bella the sex talk! Don't worry Charlie Edwards 'old skool' lmao which means Bella's stil a virgin!...for now '

'2)'Nikki Reed was hot!! as 'Rosalie && her flash back scene was hilariously evil.'

'3) Edward and Bella's sex scenes were even HOTTER!! we all knew Edward was saving himself til after the webbing but the ppl still wanted to see sum action!!'

'4) Bella's ring... va va voom! could Edward fit anymore diamonds on that thing??' '

´5) I did not find Elizabeth Reaser' ,who plays 'Esme Cullen, new hair color faltering at all in the movie'

'6)News Flash: 'Bryce Dallas Howard SUCKED!! as Victoria... 'Summit Pictures really skrewed up the movie by replacing 'Rachelle Lefevre'

'7) Jacob's abb's never fail to impress and the kiss/makeout session between him and Bella was steamy and with Bella's fiancéEdward only a few feet away mentally watching the whole thing!! Dose Bella have any shame??'

'8) For any1 who read Stephenie Meyer's new one "the short one second life of bree tanner" you had a tear in your eye when Jane (that lieing sack a shat who knew all about Victoria's army) had Bree killed :'(

'9) Was it just me or did any1 else find Jasper's southern accent annoying as hell!!

10) '&& finally to rate the ending, a cliff hanger in deed!! face it we all want to see Charlie's (aka chef swan's) face when he hears the news and we are deff happy Edward is bulletproof!!

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