Okay, so ive thought long and hard about this: why is it that in every book, Edward is always in some horrible emotional pain?? For example:


team edward

Twilight: Edward was at war with himself, if he should stay, leave, stay, leave. it was just not happening for him. Then all of a sudden, hes in great frustration with himself for putting bella in danger, and has to deal with the thought of losing her, and or seeing her one of him.

New Moon: Where do i begin?it was just all bad in this one. First he has to face fact that hes almost had to witness his OWN BROTHER try to kill the love of his existence. then he has to do the hardest thing in his whole existence, and leave her, for her own protection. Then he finds out shes dead, and is extremaly guily, and rushes of to the Volturi to die.

Eclipse: Well he nearly lost it when he found out that Victoria was after Bella. Actually he did lose it. Then he has to deal with the fact that while he made the bad mistake of leaving, Bella found comfort with a pack of wolves. he also has to deal with the fact that Bella wants the impossible! And he cant change her mind.

Breaking Dawn: This was just utter terror for Edward! In part one he hurts her, and feels absolutely horrible! Then when he finds out shes pregnant he goes crazy. then when she wants to keep the baby, and when its sucking the life out of her, her...just goes off the deep end!!! he losses his mind! he doesnt know what to do, and resultes to jacob, of all people, for help to get bella back together! it was rather painful to read jacobs descriptions of Edward at these times.(The dark days, i like to call them.)

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