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    Jacob pov

    10 hours of sleep, that’s new. I get up and walk in the kitchen. “Hey dad.”

    “Good afternoon, son.”

    ”Where’s Anjali?”

    “She went for a walk.”

    “Cool. Speaking of Anjali, Seth imprinted on her.”

    “No wolf has ever imprinted on a Non-Quileute before.”

    “What about me and Ness?”

    “There’s a possibility that Bella might some of our blood in her. She is from this area. I need to speak with the council.”

    “Whoa, is it that serious?”

    “I don’t know. This is just like Leah. We didn’t know if it was possible for a female wolf and we didn’t have answers for like how she’s on menopause so earl-..”

    “Okay, ew, never mind. Do you think I should tell her our secret?”

    “I don’t know. You’re the Alpha.”

    “I’ll think about it. We’re gonna go to the Cullens. Got any plan…

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    August 9, 2010 by MCRchola

    thank you for loving my story! i didn't think anyone would like it (my aunt, english teacher, and bff only liked(my aunt said it can be compared to steph. mey,lol)my stuff).........i will write til my heart stops beating(or maybe long after that lol)!

    to reward my kewl readers, i will post chapter 5....any minute now!

    ~LAPUSHchola~ 19:55, August 9, 2010 (UTC)

    it's gonna be like 2 days before i can post the next chapter

    ~LAPUSHchola~ 02:42, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

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    Anjali pov

    “I like your outfit.” Said the pixie-like girl. I think her name was Alice. She was referring to my “bollywoodified-punk” look. I’m wearing skinny jeans, combat boots, and a black and silver choli. I finish the look with red lipstick.


    Jacob comes back. “Seth, can you come here for a sec?”

    Seth looks so cute. Cuter than all four Big Time Rush members put together. But he also looks like he did something wrong. “Yeah, sure.” He looks at me and smiles. I melt inside. Then he goes with Jacob. Paul mutters something and Leah smacks him.

    I look at the Cullens. They’re beautiful. They look like gods.

    Jacob and Edward come back. Bella looks at Jacob. “Where’s Seth?”

    “He had to go home.”Maybe he did do something wrong.

    We all just stoo…

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    Jacob pov

    “Jacob!” Why can’t Billy let me sleep? I just got here about 5 hours ago. Ness said I should go since I haven’t slept in my own bed in 2 years.

    “Jacob!” Sigh, I guess 5 hours is good enough. I walk into the kitchen to see Billy looking in the fridge. I grab the orange juice and drink out of the carton. “Yeah, dad?”

    “We are going to have a visitor. Rebecca has sent Alicia’s friend, Anjali to stay with us for a while.”

    “So, we’re an orphanage now?”“

    No. she got in a lot of trouble in Hawaii. Her mom thinks a change of location might do the trick.”

    “How old is she?”

    “16. She turns 17 in 3 months.”

    “Okay. Is that it?”

    “No. I need you to pick her up from the airport. Her flight gets here in 2 hours and you know how far it is so you better get …

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    any comments? are y'all?.........good?...good........

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